Pirina Technology Corp. was established in 2004 with the ambition to develop a product, oriented to a fast growing niche market for the production of unique and standardized packaging in short series. Many small and medium enterprises operate in this segment, and all of them are engaged to generate the overall creative concept and execute the full cycle of graphic and industrial design – making samples, prototypes and models for packing industry and advertising. Advertising agencies and design companies are the natural generators of ideas and creators of unique solutions for product packaging. Our decision to tap this segment, helped us to focus efforts to develop and propose a compact, budget-oriented solution, covering the widest range of requirements of creative industry. Driven by the pursuit of excellence and in line with the trends in this highly dynamic industry, we work hard to compete against market leaders in this niche, where major manufacturers have not a significant interest.

With about 20 years of experience and more than 80 machines installed worldwide, our main goal is to offer a compact, versatile and well-designed machine. It is flexible and adaptable to work with different materials, yet easy to use and maintain. Price versus options ratio, offered by Pirina, is still unbeatable in the market. These competitive advantages, along with a number of other important services for customers, such as speed of response to any inquiry or problem, time of replacement of modules or delivery of supplies, put us in a unique position in this global market niche. Our hands-on experiences, the principles we believe and share, help us to strength and increase our market presence, to establish Pirina brand and company as a reliable partner that always offers innovative and easy to manage solutions.