Compact, yet versatile

Pirina SML1000 allows digital cutting of a wide range of sheet materials. The thickness varies between 0.1 to 10 mm. Perfectly compatible with the office environment and peripherals, suitable for design studios, creative boutiques and agencies.

Excellent solution for small and medium businesses on a tight budgetact, yet versatile

Fast installation and set up to working condition, user friendly interface, convenient and easy to operate. Embedded computer with its own IP address and many unique custom features. Unleash your creativity, allowing easy transition from unique design to serial production.

Unique opportunities for materials processing

Maximum flexibility of settings, allowing processing of hard and resilient materials, as well as leather, textiles and others. Options for digital dry printing (embossing) and Braille.

Unlimited Diversity

This plotter allows deployment of fancy design and free experimentation with materials and shapes to achieve a perfect result. Powerful software and its unique features, turn work with a variety of sheet materials in an easy to implement task. Production of complex products in limited series.

From prototype to a finished product

Precision tools, making possible the execution of complex tasks with a high quality cut. Blurs the boundaries between experimental design and real production, keeping the same high quality, precision and perfection in execution. Compact machine, capable of handling heavy materials and incur industrial workloads.