The choice of a sample-making plotter in the packaging industry is a challenging task. On the one hand are the necessary features of the machine, expected workload and return of investment. The other is the cost of the machine itself, as well as additional costs associated with its installation, operation and maintenance. Long time on the market was imposed the notion that sample-making plotter can afford only the biggest companies in the packaging industry.

Pirina Technology is driven by ambitions to break this perception, and supplies a sufficiently compact and affordable machine, that offers all commercially important functions. This ambition has led to the creation of a finished product that made mock-up cutting in a standard office manipulation. Pirina offers a product that can be installed next to the computer designer, connected with the local network. The solution requires no special facilities or specific conditions of use, and does not produce noise above permissible levels, etc.

Pirina plotters do not much differ than most of high quality machines available on the market, based on technical features. The only difference is related to the size of the workbench. It allows cutting of sheet materials with a wide range of thickness (0.1 – 10 mm), various kinds of texture, hardness, etc. The plotters achieve the same precision in indicators as operating speed and accuracy, compared to the leading brands. What distinguishes our plotters is the simplicity of mechanics and construction that draws on modularity and allows quick and easy maintenance, even if the installation is in a remote place. In addition, original electronics and its own software, contribute to the flexibility of settings and user functions, while allowing remote diagnostics and distant support via the Internet.