Printed Carton Samples

Offset or glued-on sheet printed carton for realistic samples of packaging as it will look to the end customer

Micro-corrugated Samples

Trays, Glued and Non-glued Displays, Carry Boxes with Handles, Wraps with Locks, Bottle Containers, Mailing Containers and Folders, Self-erecting Boxes and Trays, Interior Holders and Pads
Аnd any other creative micro-corrugated form you design

Blank Folding Carton Samples

Folders, Mailers, Holders, Envelopes, Paper Bags, Pillow Packs..
Locks & Tucks – Crash Locks, Dust Flaps, Ear Hooks, Friction Tucks, Gisset Ends, Hexagonal, Seal Ends, Snap Locks, Tapered Tucks, Triangular, True Locks
And any other creative carton form you design

Printed Labels and Signs

Duo-layer labels with kiss cutting. Various PVC folio signs and cut-outs.