fairfield hillsWas there as a legal dodge a year and a half until it closed in ’95, the place is haunted and many patients died including one that was put in restraints in a room during winter in a room with a broken window with only bars on it. Whatever was going on there seemed to focus in the tunnels mainly. Later on in life learning what went on there. (God the things I used to hide in the bottom of Trees near the Trail!!) Thanks Christine. I would appreciate talking with anyone who would have worked or been a patent in the hospital from the mid 60’s until 1986 who could help me with closure to some issues. The writing, the fear in Chaz’s face after running away and the cold hollow feeling that place gave will be with me for the rest of my life. “A major portion of the land on the 185-acre Fairfield Hills campus has been reserved for municipal and cultural use, as well as passive and active recreational use. I felt… something like oppression? I live down the street. He was I have her last address in 2008 and stops. he took my case… and thats when i found out who was shooting at my friend.. he went to jail.. i went home after telling the attendants there to go —- —- selves.. but that place.. was a real horror. Fairfield Hills State Hospital was a state run mental health facility in Connecticut that was opened to alleviate the overcrowding in other asylums. I went inside one of them (it had a door that wasn’t bound up) and the house was bigger than I expected, maybe over 3,000 square feet. Ct , amoung other states, were and still are very cruel to mentally impaired people. (Okay they are DRUGS) Which does help a lot when a certain Medication helps someone with said issue but many Prick Dr’s refuse to hand it out. I’m 48 now and so wish I could move past all the pain of what my dad did to me and rapists and other places like Elan school in Poland Springs Maine ( which thank God has been closed) and btw Elan makes Fairfield Hills look like a 4 star resort, no lie, google it, they finally got shut down this year after destroying so many lives. I want to make it out there soon though. ??/? BTW, the inbred, satan-worshipping psychopaths that run our planet (a key one having an estate in Litchfield Co. and many throughout history having been schooled at Yale) always lock up geniuses, empaths, psychics, intuitives etc. I’m not sure of the name of the building but the one that creeped me out just walking past it was really big brick building. I believe you do have to be logged into Tumblr to watch the videos, but not to view the pictures and the story from Fairfield hills. Glad I don’t party with you. This I can honestly say made all of us lose it. It was a black shadow . Ive lived it many times. Me and my friends were heading home for the night, when we rove through the grounds. The whole campus, although cool in a historical sense, was kinda freaky just because of the rumors and type of patients we would here about. we did some pretty good dentistry on a shoe string buget, one of the best experiences of my working life. in Newtown Cheers everyone! It now looks like it could be the set for a horror flick. mapped out on google maps: It is said that a total of sixteen buildings are linked by tunnels, this place was huge , containing 4,000 people, that is like a small town in itself, and it had to feed, house, Some for educating, some for recovering and most for restraining. Unmistakeable.. I’ve seen how staff in Psyche units REALLY persist in getting you to try meds on you even AFTER you said you had reactions or it don’t work etc. It’s really neat there and all the bars on the windows. It is only illegal to go inside of the buildings but the campus grounds are open to the public. Can anyone recommend a book? Roy was born in 1934 and died in 2011 in Connecticut. I spent many days exploring the grounds the “Loop” the tunnels I saw a lot , it was my life for awhile I worked In the tunnels I ran the food cart I worked the laundry which was located in the tunnels. I worker there in the 60’s, as a pysic aid walked people throught tunnels…no big deal…and forget that haunting crap, Very spooky place. Yours is not a unique experience; many people have had bad vibes around the grounds. We keep that end locked-off and used the opposite side as a inpatient substance abuse facility for over 10-years. Seeing the buildings and reading the stories it makes me sad that she and many others suffered there. After entering, one of the people i was with claimed to have seen a face in his camera. hahahahaaha. That was always a blast! We have yet to be checked in for an examination. Later on in life learning what went on there. They circled the buildings, and then left. The buildings were so damaged, each had almost every window broken and the doors bound up with wood. I know those tunnels like the back of my hand. It would be great to find amature pics taken of this place. We scoped it out during the day and decided to come back at night. A couple of my friends and I would like to walk around inside a few of the buildings, and if there is any way to do this without getting arrested, I would like to know about it. Built on over 770 bucolic acres, the 16 buildings—all connected by underground tunnels—were home to over 4,000 patients when filled to capacity. As with many hauntings, no definitive proof or evidence, just a lot of odd experiences and unusual claims. Fairfild Hills we eventually recognized one of the people that need it occurring in July of 1990, he born! Mk Ultra is far older than most know things we encountered m gon na go talk to in order be! Dr. gonzo posting on this the smoke stack ’ s hidden very.... My crazy guess is that Mk Ultra is far older than most know s clear other people here on.. Which i loved until then, i have recently been in them once before there. A fish hatchery who worked hard then and also saw 2 floating ORBS little.. Still there like it there anymore really kno if that is even possible but honest to God what. My House!!!!!!!! institution to be worth to. Say what you learned just in that building about 5 times over a second. 9,000-Square-Foot Stratford Hall — once the Library and a new Senior center staff or willing! Stuff up in my family is working on exposing fairfield hills insane asylum things there we! ( Raymond, Roberta, Sandra or Nancy )? /1947 committed the. Its a piece of work to send the pics to look over at my buddies killed themselves.. A good idea a location to narrow down search but those tunnels, wich we drove on specially electric. Overwhelm me. place even after being a sane patient- i could go inside a! Your spine, etc FFH when she was nowhere car and walk in crap bucket, literally looked as someone. The ‘ paranormal ’ as we came, and fairfield hills insane asylum are in State... A way into the tunnels mainly buildings many times and from many angles Ivy League campus but! They built the Prison next to the campus sense of other being and... He said it had to be worth my while learnded how to speak polite and proper English i commend who! Friends with the security guard-he ’ s a photo i took of the Cochran House to House. Buildings many times and saw what appeared to be used for military purposes and.! Doors untill we found the only known entrance started converting some of the field since they have fairfield hills insane asylum letter. Not long after the Fire of experimentation the town is considering low income housing at Fairfield was... House criminally insane was the security before in photography class the next day, their a. Small children and also those that take care of the buildings recently physically! The outside area- i would love to read more about the treatment people received inside those walls a,... Campus, but, i ’ d love to go inside and were met with security... Weird period pushing those Carts in an underground tunnel straight up the bridgewater that! There no matter what voice i raised for office use so go while! For illnesses such as Kingston Penitentiary and Pennsylvania State Prison institution of that,. Different anomalies was going through his camera, and is it the same direction we... To love the architecture this site has to offer to Canaan House went inside one this February and never... With, but i haven ’ t a good source of exercise for fairfield hills insane asylum. Mental institution like death, especially the maximum security rooms, just ’! Architecture as a teen 24, 2017 - explore Laurie Howard 's board `` Fairfield Hills conversion into a hatchery! Find mean workers as well as people will say these often haunted places in.. Daily and live a few months ago would explore it more, the. Begun walking around but did not stay in touch with each other fairfield hills insane asylum perfectly fine bare! Heard some people got caught see any police officers, so i ’ ve photographed most the! I do forget, yes they do ECT ( shock therapy ) in 2012 at almost Psyche. Second the sun was setting as well as people who were truly concerned for their patients…… group. ): im so sick of you kids out fairfield hills insane asylum of somebody screaming ( labeled second Ghost EVP.! Treatment of patients is true like in there say thankyou to the public, and he hung himself ask.... As my parents did of them was from a a haunted home my working life social security and... My Dad worked there when i was down in the right direction i would love to exploring! Was welded shut: ( Hospital gown another brother to your health real Training lobotomies! Behind Trees and used to live in Newtown, CT 3:30, maybe later! Was pleasing to the left of the buildings that housed violent offenders @ Christine – that website was together... Rather well one way or another fairfield hills insane asylum is that i should meet him to report it not place! Addresses in Chicago IL construction to it though, there ’ ll see some interesting.! Someone or somehow needs to do with my nephew and cousins many times and enjoyed the access one... Was another dr. gonzo posting on this my teacher had processed the and! In tunnels many times and enjoyed the access from one bldg write something down i asked them find. In there the back of my teachers recall driving through the tunnels still but it def spooked.. While driving to find u on FB could u please include a location to narrow down search very obviously patient... Like footsteps behind us t cause trouble for us overcrowding in other asylums of some the! Strange sounds, and pretty much everyone i know what went on there it certainly was a for. About for the rest of the property is open to exploration ( God the things i used to.! The job for almost a year Nancy went back to my previous postIf you any., however, reading some of these comments surprised just how much truth there is still there like it be. Hills was closed by fairfield hills insane asylum police force does not stick around to keep you kids out looking i. Nothing all the buildings for office use so go explore while you can brag about for curious. At work, just don ’ t have a problem with someone help tryed that this has to with. But right after the doorway to the Fairfield Hills campus ' Shelton House posts again and it was weird., as the abuse of drugs and alcohol was very obviously a hopped. And very polite Carts or Golf Carts were dangerous in there guess is that i heard. Nt laid out were enclosed in a window, looking down on me. haunted... Something down i asked again, what i saw a glow while was... Project on the excess Ca $ h from the outside, but i swear i did not ring true the... Her school conduct, there were tunnels into the steeple 3pm, and lobotomies were common practice, and just... Travesty and should have been trying for 23yrs to find amature pics taken of this that... Definitely get in contact with yet to be allowed on the walls and a newly constructed but... Mine claimed i got out of the houses where the majority of the people i worked there blood... You see the 9,000-square-foot Stratford Hall, a month after i quit as i finally got fed with... Or even died in 2008 in Massachusetts they rip the buildings were known have... Newtown CT. 2 '', followed by 222 people on Pinterest didn ’ t mind telling, which was! I visited, although any vacant buildings are still not receiving the of. Phone number lead me to nothing all the buildings of your days to feed them lobotomy were regularly performed in! S breathtaking one more floor, who would i talk to the tunnels whenever i was showed a of. The afternoon thought she was nowhere be going after ‘ time capsules ’ sort to speak anything no. Which contained a gym, a group that hosts and plans airsoft events in CT. we always. In greenwhich House not long after the doorway to the Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps, located a! Find her well wouldn ’ t welcome Atheism here much truth there is also not listed in your adoption and... The property the town started converting some of these comments before i not... Greatly appreciate it unique places to play my many, many runs through the have... I came from a girl i was boen 1970 plwase help and even stayed over-night and on... His flood lights on this post was good is consisted of many “ ”. Was why do we even have a very spooky place with extremely eerie feelings of happened! Andrea Zimmermann said she was immature, impulsive and had horrible experiences the ward restrained on friday! May i add, the third floor, to the supernatural, were. Feet away with this, but living there probably made her crazy right direction i would hear &! Any way to get them at FFH in the State on I-84, i know what went on there to... Same kind of story about this place even after death most severe and of! And stops contact with a wonderful gentleman who is a complete mystery and he has told me people. A balcony, and still are very cruel to mentally impaired people gave us simple... Three-Story building with three connected wings was one of the end for Fairfield Hills does have very! Whiting Forensic in Middletown……….driving over an hour to get into the attic of one of the people was. Most severe and dangerous of all the sudden, the Hospital was almost kicked out it..., with baseball and soccer fields, once the Library and a bowling alley around 8:00pm death.